SARMs, a.k.a. Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators

The Ultimate Guide

SARMs, a.k.a. Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators – Are they the Latest & Greatest Research Grade Supplements on the Market? Lets jump into them and Find out

There are constantly new fads and trends emerging in the world of fitness and self-optimization, and every now and then it ends up being something a lot more significant than some fly by night fad.

We’ve all seen and heard the made-up hyped stuff, designed to sell a few bottles to people who don’t know any better at the supplement store in the mall, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some legitimately new and exciting compounds that make waves.

The latest new products that are the talk of the locker-room are called SARMs. We’re going to be talking all about SARMs, going over everything from the basics, to a more in-depth look at them, what they’re for, how they’re used, and what they could have to offer.

People are using SARMs to help facilitate big changes in this physiques and bodies, in fact, they are quickly becoming a commonly used alternative to anabolic steroids.

As with anything you put into your body, especially when it comes to testing things to achieve human optimization, it’s important to do it responsibly. As of now, SARMs are not illegal, however, they are sold “for research purposes”, and not for consuming.

It’s likely that legislation could come along down the road, and it’s difficult to speculate what that may look like. For now, it’s something that is picking up steam, and that people are getting impressive results with, and that’s enough to pique most people’s interest if they’re the type of people who strive for peak performance at the gym and in life.

From professional coaches, fitness instructors, bloggers, gym rats, and just people who really spend a lot of time researching how to achieve the best results, there’s a lot of buzz around SARMs, which stands for selective androgen receptor modulator.

In other words, SARMs have an impact on your body’s hormones. They aren’t steroids, and they don’t work the same way that steroids do. We’ll get into all of that shortly.

This guide is here to help share the information we’ve come across during our own research and to help you make an informed decision about SARMs, and whether they’re a good choice when it comes to meeting, and smashing, your goals.

There’s a lot to go over, and we encourage you to do further research on your own, but hopefully, this guide and compilation we’ve put together will make the process that much easier for you!


What Are SARMs? How Do SARMs work?

Once again, SARMs stands for selective androgen receptive modulator. The easiest way to explain how they work is by comparing them to something that many people in the world of fitness and bodybuilding already have a grasp of, whether it’s first or second-hand experience, or even just from picking up a basic knowledge over the years, and that’s steroids. SARMs aren’t exactly like steroids, and they work differently. They’ve also shown to lessen or altogether get rid of some of the negative effects of traditional steroids.

SARMs are not considered toxic to the liver, and don’t have much of an impact on your blood pressure either. This means you don’t need to think about preloading, nor taking additional supplements for on-cycle support. This means that SARMs can end up costing a lot less than a traditional cycle, too.

Thinking about testosterone, it’s probably the most popular and common-used anabolic, even being prescribed by doctors. When you take a steroid like this, it has an overall effect on the body, which is responsible for some of the side effects, for example, un-desireable ones like hair loss and gyno.

If AAS are carpet bombing the body, then you could think of SARMs as more of a precision sniper, aiming directly at specific pathways, like losing fat, or growing muscle. This is appealing to people for obvious reasons and is why SARMs are generating so much buzz.

4 Important Things To Know About Choosing Where to Buy SARMs Online

Before we start looking at specific SARMs and what they do, we want to pass along some advice that applies to each and every one of them. Some people are only going to read up until this far and be on their way, so this is some very important information to know before you start shopping. These are things you need to know before you decide to order SARMs online, to ensure that everything goes perfectly smooth for you and that you don’t get ripped off or scammed. Unfortunately, there are too many companies out there that simply aren’t taking good care of their customers, so it’s very important to be diligent and to do your own research.

5. You need to find a reputable company

This one probably goes without saying, but it’s an opportunity to talk about how important it is to deal strictly with reputable companies. There are brands that have been caught price-gouging their customers, and other ones that are known for drastically under-dosing their products. They take advantage of naive consumers who don’t know any better or don’t know what to watch for.

On this site, we stick to mentioning reputable brands of SARMs.

4. Make sure they’ve got lab tests

If you’re looking at a particular brand that won’t provide lab tests, that’s a red flag and single-handedly means you should most likely just skip them altogether. If their products are lab-tested, they shouldn’t have anything to hide, so it’s really one of the most important traits to watch for.

Without the tests, the company can’t really say for certain what they’re selling, and you can’t say for certain what you’re buying, and that’s just a recipe for trouble. Sticking to the reputable brands out there, and all of the reputable brands do provide you with lab tests, you’ll be much more likely to have a positive experience when looking for SARMs for sale.

3. You don’t always get what you pay for

When it comes to price, this can be tricky, especially if you’re in the hands of one of the less-than-reputable brands out there. As we mentioned earlier, there are some that have quality products, but will drastically overcharge. There are others that will charge less but have subpar or outright fake products. Then there are a handful of options that charge a fair price for great quality, and sometimes it can be hard to tell these three different types apart.

As somebody looking to give this a try, you don’t want to overpay – even if it’s good quality, and you don’t want to pay a low price for something that isn’t even going to work – so it’s all about finding the best value, where you’re getting something that’s not fake or weak, but you also don’t have to resort to eating ramen every month in order to pay for it.

Granted, you’ll generally pay more when dealing with companies that are legitimate and have all the proper testing and quality control, but at least you know what you’re getting.

Best SARMs in 2018

Ostarine (MK-2866)

This was originally developed to help with osteoporosis. It’s among the most popular SARMs right now, and has many people in the world of fitness talking about it.

Due to research showing that it has fewer androgenic properties, which means that male hormones, like testosterone, and their natural production in the body, aren’t going to be thrown-off as much as with anabolic steroids. Once again, this means a reduction in the negative side effects, while maintaining the positives.

Side-effects of Ostarine & Dosage Protocol

Since it’s on the more mild side, and due to the overall nature of SARMs to begin with, it’s not common for people to report side-effects from Ostarine. This is why it is so popular, due to the mildness of it. However, some people report experiencing some suppression of their T levels if they stay on MK-2866 for more than 3 months.

Ligandrol (LGD-4033)

LGD-4033, also known as Ligandrol, is favored by people who are looking to experiment with putting on some serious muscle. It has been shown to help increase lean body mass, and it doesn’t seem to have a big impact on a man’s natural testosterone production, which is always a concern with anabolics.

In addition, Ligandrol has shown positive results in improving bone density, helping people to focus better, and even improving sex drive.

This compound was discovered by Ligand Pharmaceuticals, originally for treating osteoporosis and similar conditions. You may have heard of it in the news when the Florida Gators QB allegedly failed a test for it, or when Joakim Noah was suspended in the NBA for taking LGD 4033.

Side effects and concerns

If you have low T, this is something you may want to avoid experimenting with altogether. It has been shown to have the potential to temporarily suppress natural testosterone production at higher doses, while running a cycle. It doesn’t appear to offer any benefits in helping to reduce fat, either. If that’s a priority, this may not be your best option.

Cardarine (GW501516)

This particular SARM is rare in the sense that it offers cardiovascular benefits, which you don’t commonly find in most other compounds. It’s meant to give you that extra oomph, so that you can workout for longer, and for harder, before being completely tired and exhausted. Due to this, it can be very helpful in weight loss, since you’re simply able to push yourself harder and get more out of your workouts.

Side effects?

In a study involving mice, where the mice were given a human equivalent dose of 2400mg (Whereas most people will take around 20mg), for two years straight, it was found to be carcinogenic in mice. Some say that at significantly lower doses, and for much shorter periods of time, there’s nothing to worry about, but once again – it’s important to research everything very thoroughly for yourself and to have a clear understanding of what you’re experimenting with.

Nutrobal (MK-677)

MK-677, or Nutrobal, is one of the SARMs that is getting more and more well-known very quickly. It is used to increase the levels of growth hormone, which is huge for packing on big muscles. HGH, or human growth hormone, is prescribed for a number of medical conditions and has been used by bodybuilders and professional athletes for decades.

There are some key downsides to HGH, for starters it is very expensive, and it has to be injected. Basically, it’s pretty hardcore stuff, for very serious bodybuilders and competitors.

Now, if people are able to achieve similar or even remotely close results with Nutrobal, it’s no wonder that everyone’s talking about it. It’s safer, it can be taken orally instead of injected, and it hasn’t shown to have the same negative side effects as taking HGH.

Some people have reported holding in excess water while taking it, minor bloating, but compared to the alternatives, it’s not something that anyone seems to care about too much.

Testolone (RAD-140)

Testolone, or RAD140, is yet another SARM that has been getting more and more attention lately due to people sharing their experiences with it. It has been reported that the anabolic ratio of RAD140 is 90:1.

Comparing that 90:1 ratio to testosterone, which has a 100:100 ratio, you can see why this particular compound has people so excited. This means that Testolone is 90% as anabolic, but has a small fraction of the androgenic effects.

This is believed to help with muscle growth and development, but without estrogen conversion, and without negative side-effects that are common with taking testosterone, like male pattern baldness.

Side Effects and Dosage Information

It’s important to stay very well hydrated, and not to run a cycle for more than 12 weeks at the very most. You’ll see dosages recommended anywhere from 15-30mg in a day, and it’s important for people to listen to their bodies and how they respond to it, and to start very conservatively when introducing any new supplements.

Stenabolic (SR-9009)

Commonly referred to as a SARM, and definitely in the same ballpark, it’s technically a Rev-ErbA ligand, that binds to proteins in order to make them more active. It can be very infleuential on a number of things in the body, for instance the circadian rhythms, the metabolism of lipid and glucose, fat-storing cells, and more. 

One of its effects is to help increase metabolism in the body, and it is believed to have an impact on muscle strength and also endurance. Studies on mice have shown a drastic increase in endurance, upwards of 50%.

Andarine (S4)

This is anonoer of the more mild SARM compounds out there, it’s been around for longer than a lot of them. It’s known for having relatively mild effects, which generally means its considered even more on the safer side. What S4, or Andarine, does is to help the body with lean body mass. It’s also believed, as a secondary trait, to help with the reduction of body fat.

One side-effect that has been reported is trouble with vision among people who have been taking Andarine for an extended period of time, but that is also reversible once they stop their cycle. To avoid this, it’s recommended not to take it for prolonged periods of time, and not every single day. Some people will day four or five days on, with two or three days off.


This is one of the more recently discovered compounds, dating back just to 2011. Some believe it to be one of the more powerful compounds out there, all things considered.

YK-11 is believed to increase muscle growth by working to inhibit myostatin. The hormone myostatin inhibits the growth of muscle, so by inhibiting that hormone, YK-11 can lead to insane muscle growth.

You’ve probably seen pictures of those kangaroos that are completely shredded or other jacked animals, and it’s often due to a lack of myostatin. By harnessing this massive discovery, it could be a real game-changer.

Are SARMs Legal & Other Common Questions

The first thing many people wonder is whether or not SARMs are legal. It’s not illegal to possess them, but you should still research your local laws, since these things can change over time.

Most companies that sell SARMs will ship them all around the world. If they sold them for human consumption, it would be against the law in many places. SARMs are sold as research compounds, and not to be consumed.

Are SARMs safe to use? This is another question that people will ask right away. Right now, they’re generally believed to be safe, especially in the context of comparing them to more traditional types of steroids. It’s important to do your own research, and to remember that reactions can vary. There are still studies on-going when it comes to SARMs, and some that have been completed and showed promising results, but the main reason they’re generating so much attention is due to the much lessened potential side effects, or none at all in some cases, compared to traditional anabolics which are known for a series of negative side effects and requiring a much more complex and nuanced stack.

Can you buy SARMs online if you live in the UK? In Australia? Other places? Once again, most companies will ship their research compounds worldwide, and it’s generally up to the buyer to ensure that it’s something they are allowed to receive in their country.

What’s the next step? Doing a lot of research to learn as much as  you can, weighing the pros and cons before making any decision, and listening to your body is all very important.