Cardarine Dosage & What to Expect

Cardarine is a compound that functions as a PPAR (Peroxisome Proliferator-activated Receptor) agonist. Whenever it attaches itself to a PPAR receptor, the chemical recruits a specific enzyme, the co-activator PGC-1 α, which would help improve the performance of certain genes that are responsible for regulating energy expenditures.

This is a compound that isn’t technically a SARM but does function very similarly, and is sought-after by many people in the world of fitness, but it’s initial invention was for something different, which we’ll discuss in a moment. Somewhere along the way, they discovered that the potential or Cardarine goes beyond its original purpose.

Cardarine triggers the uptake of muscle glucose as well as fatty acid and skeletal muscle oxidation. It’s also capable of reducing LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) levels and increasing HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) levels within the body, which can be very beneficial for a number of reasons.

Initial Use

Cardarine was created in the early ’90s for curing tumors found in the prostate, breasts, and the colon. The compound was found to trigger certain genes, and therefore to possess the potential to help prevent the occurrence of diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

Apparently, bodybuilders came to a realization that the drug has endurance-enhancing abilities, can promote the loss of body fats, and can significantly improve recovery.

Since then, athletes and bodybuilders have been making use of Cardarine without any widespread reported adverse effects.

Recommended Dosage

It’s advised to take around 10mg to 15mg of the compound per day for a typical eight-week cycle. This is enough to improve one’s endurance while shedding off body fat. Some opt for 20mg per day, but it’s a good idea to begin the cycle with less and to see how you react.

If one intends to utilize it gradually, you could kick things off with a low dose of 10mg per day. Then some will opt to slowly increase the dosage over time. To get the best results, one needs to take the full dose one hour prior to any workout or exercise, rather than splitting up the daily dose like half in the morning, half later in the day.

It is used by both sexes. Dosage for men is essentially equivalent to that of women. Women will see the same benefits as that of men.

3 Benefits of Cardarine

Cardarine has plenty of benefits for the human body. These include:

1) Enhanced angiogenesis

The term “angiogenesis” describes the ability of the body in improving the vascular blood supply. In turn, it helps feed the cells within the body. This is the process found in children as they transition to their adolescence stage.

Having improved blood flow ensures one’s organs are supplied with sufficient nutrients needed for the growth of muscles. It’s also capable of improving the process of recovery in muscle tissues.

2) Fatty acid oxidation

Cardarine improves fatty acid oxidation. In turn, the body starts to use stored fats as its source of energy, helping one to shed off weight.

In addition, it is anti-catabolic. That means it can help one to retain their muscles better, even while eating a caloric deficit diet. There are different levels to which something can have an anti-catabolic effect.

3) Enhanced endurance

When Cardarine is activated, it increases the PPAR gene level, thereby improving muscle fibers in enhancing the uptake of oxygen. The oxygen content in one’s muscle tissues has an effect on one’s endurance. For instance, lower oxygen levels indicate shorter endurance while higher levels indicate prolonged endurance.

It’s not uncommon to start to build up a tolerance after a while.


Cardarine is a PPARδ agonist that takes aim at androgen receptors responsible for stimulating the uptake of glucose and skeletal tissues. At present, the compound is being used for individuals struggling with obesity, due to its ability to help the body burn stored fat, while also helping to prevent the loss of muscle.

In addition, the compound is said to increase HDLs while significantly while reducing LDLs. These can aid in increasing HDLs from ABCA1, which is an improved cholesterol transporter.


Cardarine for women?

Cardarine functions at its very best when it boils down to stamina, energy, performance, and endurance. It’s currently being utilized by both bodybuilders and athletes for this exact reason. As a matter of fact, WADA made the decision to label this compound as a banned substance due to its competitive edge. Somebody who is competing in a sport where they are subject to WADA, or similar, testing should strongly consider their decisions and act accordingly.

Expect extreme levels of intensity during workouts or exercise, shorter recovery time, and making it past the plateaus like never before. In addition, the energy that one will acquire from the supplement won’t lead one to experience any form of anxiety or “jitters.”

Cure for Obesity

The main responsibility of Cardarine is to eradicate fatty tissues from the body. The fact that it can accomplish this makes this product all the more legendary.  Similar to that of GH (Growth Hormone), Cardarine capable of generating pro-inflammatory markers within the adipose tissue. It decreases the processes win genes responsible in lipogenesis. Basically, it blocks the body’s own fatty acid chains from being formed and housed as fat.

Adverse Effects

The main potential side effects come from studies conducted on rats at much, much higher doses than people ever take. None the less, it’s important to do your own research when it comes to any new compounds you introduce. It’s also important to understand that SARMs and similar compounds are sold for research purposes, and cannot be sold with the intention of human consumption.

Improved Performance and Results

In a nutshell, Cardarine has shown to be very effective in burning body fat, enhancing endurance, and improving physical performance. It does a great job in enhancing the glucose uptake of skeletal muscles to help shred off body fats.