MK 2866 Dosage & What to Expect

Ever since science and training techniques have allowed bodybuilders to put on insane amounts of muscle through their intense levels of exercise along with certain special supplements, many “regular people” have been looking for a way to get just a sliver of those results, without having to go “all-in” with things like steroids and accepting their negative side-effects, like a professional bodybuilder would have to do.

SARMs have been getting a lot of buzz in a lot of mainstream publications lately, because people have discovered that they can offer up the similar types of results one might expect from a designer anabolic steroid, without the negative side-effects that steroids are known for.

MK-2866 is compound categorized as a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator).

It aims directly at specific receptors in the body to improve bone density and muscle mass.

This compound was originally intended for patients who were suffering from muscle wasting. Its medical application led to success, and it was discovered to have potential benefits outside of medicine.

This compound is a first-generation SARM that is believed to be a safer and less expensive alternative to designer steroids. The minimal side-effects compared to what many people are used to (all of the really bad ones like hair loss, shrinking testicles, gyno, and more) is a big part of why there’s so much buzz around SARMs.

MK-2866 has been shown to improve muscle growth, or to preserve muscle, depending on one’s diet and goals. As a result, bodybuilders and athletes are making use of this compound in their stacks. It can be really helpful to preserve muscle during a cutting phase, and to pack it on during a bulk.

Common Dosage Guidelines

It’s very important to pay attention to doses, and to never try to be a superhero when introducing new compounds into your routine. Always listen closely to your body, do a lot of research, and be smart about the whole process.

The dosage for MK2866 depends on which one of the two is your focus: cutting or bulking.

The typical dose that people recommend for bulking is in the ballpark of 20-35mg per day, with the higher-end of that spectrum being reserved for larger men. For cutting, it’s typically in the 12.5-15mg range.

Cycles are commonly in the range of 4-6 weeks.


MK-2866 has a 24 hour half life, so it’s generally taken just once per day, there’s no advantage to splitting that up into multiple times per day.


This compound has shown a number of benefits when it comes to bulking, cutting, and recomp. It’s a versatile SARM for muscle gains and for promoting fat loss. Depending on how one makes use of it and how much dosage is being utilized, people tend to use it to achieve varying effects towards the desired physical results.

Fat Loss

Losing weight is one of the reasons that people tend to seek out Ostarine, or MK2866. It’s important to continue paying attention to diet, you’ve still got to do the work. There’s no magic supplement that does everything for you, but people seek them out to help with the process. A common stack is Ostarine and Cardarine.

Muscle Building and Preservation

This is sometimes used by athletes who want to pack on some extra muscle during the off-season.

For stacking, this compound meshes well with LGD-4033 during bulking. It’s been advised to keep cycles to 8 weeks.

Expected Results and Use

People have reported seeing results in the first few weeks, all the way up near the end of the cycle around 8 weeks.

It’s important to stick to a solid workout regimen, along with a proper diet, becasue with those there simply won’t be any results. Ostarine, nor any other SARM, is a suitable replacement for eating right and exercising hard, whether one is looking to lose weight, to pack on mass, or to recomp with a bit of both.

In a nutshell, MK-2866 is an often talked about option for someone who is looking to get started with SARMs.