Ibutamoren Nutrobal (MK-677)

Whether it’s Growth Hormone, Testosterone, or Growth Factor 1 which is Insulin-like, the human body is blessed with every hormone that is needed to build a great, almost superhuman physique.

The problem is that these hormones are not produced by the body in quantities that are needed to build and sustain heavy muscles.

It’s not that we didn’t try to tweak or harness these hormones and use it to our benefit. For instance, testosterone boosters were created to help stimulate the body’s production of it.

There are bottles with some fancy labels everywhere at one time but it wasn’t too long until they’ve realized that it was all just some kind of hype.

The same thing happened with peptides and secretagogues which both aimed to improve the body’s production of natural growth hormone.

These all happened until MK-677 came into the picture.

What Exactly is MK-677

Nutrobal or what is more popularly known as MK-677 is a product of a study that looked for a natural and safe alternative for hormone replacement therapy in both adults and children who have hormone deficiency conditions.

However, there is much that has changed since its creation. MK-677 is now sort of easier to find that it used to be.

There are a number of studies that have been conducted to prove its efficacy especially in improving the body’s production of Growth Hormone.

If you’re in search of the facts about Nutrobal (MK-677) then you definitely need to read this article towards the very end.

Nutrobal’s History

MK-677 also known as Nutrobal or Ibutamoren is a test drug that’s currently on testing because of its potential of becoming a treatment for patients who are suffering from hormonal deficiency. It improves bone density in geriatric patients making it a good therapeutic treatment for such conditions.

The substance has been discovered more than two decades ago when a clinical study that was aimed towards proving its efficacy in reversing catabolism was performed. But the studies are just a tip of the iceberg according to experts.

MK-677 can easily become one of the most potent nootropic substance to ever be discovered. It promotes restful sleep and even boosts cognitive function.

It may often be grouped with SARMs but MK-677 is not a SARM. It’s a selective agonist that also stimulates the production of growth hormones as it attaches itself to the receptors that are found in the brain. It effectively mimics the function of the hunger hormone known as Ghrelin.

One of its notable actions is stimulating and signaling the pituitary gland to release more growth hormones. When this happens, the hormone IGF-1 takes action in building lean muscle mass.

Ibutamoren is unlike exogenous hormones which cause an increase in cortisol levels (a hormone responsible for causing feelings of stress.) This nootropic works without affecting cortisol in any way.

MK-677 does not affect the body’s hormone production processes. Just think of it as a safer and cheaper means to have an endless supply of GH without needing PCT and suffering any side effects.

Proper Dosage and Half-Life

MK-677 has a 24 hours half-life so in theory, this means that a daily dose of it can be taken. But there are reports that when this is done, GH levels would easily spike up.

Then some feeling of lethargy and tiredness follows. To avoid such side effects, the daily recommended dose can be split in two each day or you can simply take it just before going to bed.

Doing this will help you get enough sleep and all your daytime tasks will not be affected which means that productivity will stay as it is.

Start with a dose of 20 to 25mg per day and continue with that cycle for 12 weeks. There are users who start with just 15mg per day and just extend their cycle for more months without suffering any side effects, especially on the pituitary gland.

If you’re in the bodybuilding profession and you’re already in the coming off cycle, you can extend your dose to as high as 50mg per day and make it an 8-week cycle.

What Results to Expect When Taking Ibutamoren?

There is a good reason why Growth Hormone is also called ‘The Fountain of Youth’. This natural hormone really has the power to transform the human body.

Your skin would look a lot better, the hair would grow healthier and you’ll have hard, lean and permanent muscle tissues. You will feel like you’re invincible. Alertness, concentration and mental clarity will also be improved so you can think of it as a potion that prevents aging.

All these were only possible with exogenous HGH before which is very expensive and can be dangerous when taken for a long time.

Thankfully, MK-677 is a cheaper yet safer alternative and the results you can expect when using the substance includes the following:

Fat Loss:

GH or Growth Hormone is one of those hormones produced by the human body which can aid in burning fat while building lean muscles at the same time. It can be considered a miracle potion and with MK-677, you can harness more of it in the most natural way. You will get rid of both subcutaneous and visceral fats while using this nootropic which is why it is popular among those who are undergoing a body recomposition program.

Muscle Mass:

MK-677 promotes muscle growth in two ways. First is it signals the pituitary gland to give-off more Growth Hormones (GH). Doing this would further stimulate the release of IGF-1 which is in the liver. These hormones work together to improve protein synthesis, enhance recovery rate, and boost nitrogen retention in the muscles. When coupled with a proper diet and a good workout routine, a serious muscle gain is sure to come in about 6 to 8 weeks. On average, users would gain about 6 to 8 lbs. of muscle mass while taking Ibutamoren. If diet and lifts are both sorted properly, this gain can increase even more.

Skin and Hair:

We have already mentioned this in brief earlier but it is worth noting again that your skin and hair will start to look better even when taking just a little of Ibutamoren.


One of the most notable effects of MK-677 is that it improves sleep. This nootropic is potent enough to give off some cognitive and neuroprotective benefits to the user. This results in an improvement in the overall wellbeing and a boost in health and the immune system.

Is It Safe?

When taken by healthy individuals, MK-677 is generally safe. The only side effects that are possible is edema and muscle cramps which is common with high HGH doses.

But these effects can easily be managed and would eventually subside as soon as you stop using Ibutamoren.

If you see reports that say MK-677 can cause heart failure then just take it with a pinch of salt because the study which arrived in such results were conducted to patients who were 80 years old and above and had a prior history of heart problems.

Is It Worth The Shot?

If you want to get bigger with some lean muscles which would also make you look younger at the same time then our simple answer is yes! MK-677 is worth a shot. The good thing about it is that it can be stacked with SARMs and even steroids!

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  1. Mk-677 is starting to be prescribed by HRT clinics. Whether that means that it is legally approved for human consumption, I don’t know.

    Down here in Santa Monica, my clinic endocrinologist added Ibutamoren to my HRT regimen.

    He uses the brand Schlob√ęsser Pharma.
    Gives me the same effect as any other brand I have tried, so not sure it’s worth going through an endo for this.

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