MK 677 Dosage & What to Expect

MK-677 is a widely known GH (growth hormone) secretagogue.

Secretagogue” is defined as a natural substance capable of encouraging another substance to secret a specific hormone or chemical.

In this scenario, MK-677 has the ability to stimulate the release of HGH (human growth hormone) from the body, which is obviously something that is of incredible interest to those in the bodybuilding community.

Growth hormone is normally released by the body’s pituitary gland, but there are medical conditions which can put it out of whack, take Andre the Giant for example.

Your growth hormone is responsible for the growth of  muscles, tissues, and bones.  A majority of this growth has a lot to do with facilitating the release of IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor 1). The body normally secretes a small amount of GH. Unfortunately, this ability tends to decline as one reaches old age, which is why younger people generally have an easier time putting on muscle, and why those who are getting older will often look for ways to increase this.

GH has received some approval in the field of medicine (ex. for treating patients with GH deficiency), but the main reason that many athletes across a variety of sports will run growth hormone cycles is in order to give themselves an edge, with increased strength and the ability to grow larger, stronger muscles.

It’s believed that increasing GH levels can lead to increased growth of muscles, reduction of body fat, enhanced cognition, hindering the aging process, shorten healing of tissues and bones, and improved sleep. It’s common sought after in the world of anti-aging research, as it can help to mitigate some of the negative side-effects of aging that catch up to all of us eventually.


In terms of intake, the commonly recommended dosage for MK-677 is 25mg per day. The half-life of this compound is 24 hours, so it can be taken once daily, with no need to further divide it into multiple times per day.

A typical cycle for an MK-677 is around eight to ten weeks. Some people will go beyond that with a higher dosage, but it’s typically not necessary and not an advisable idea, either. The compound has no direct influence on one’s sex hormones. Its target is solely on GH and other hormones related to it.

Noted Benefits

The obvious benefits of the compound are essentially the same benefits that one would expect from a GH. Sadly, a majority of people tend to get confused with the actual benefits of GH on individuals. Here are some known benefits that GH can offer to the body:

It helps build muscles.

One of the biggest reasons why a lot of people are using MK-677 is to help gain muscle. The compound has made a huge splash in the fitness industry due to this reason. Many assume that the more GH is being secreted in the body, more muscles are produced. But that’s not really how it works. While MK2866 does increase the amount of GH being secreted in the body which can lead to the desired results, it won’t directly stimulate the growth of muscles, and obviously one still needs to exercise and train hard to notice muscle gain.

MK-677 may be capable of building muscle in older people (despite a decline in GH levels), but the impact it makes isn’t that worthy. One could assume that since IGF-1 is capable of stimulating one’s appetite and MK-677 has the ability to increase IGF-1 levels, that would mean allowing one to eat more, hence, helping one gain muscle. Take note that this process isn’t a “direct effect” of the substance. For younger adults, it’s unlikely that MK-677 will have any direct effect on overall strength or on muscle growth.

It preserves muscles during calorie restriction.

It can help in preserving muscle mass even if one is on a caloric restrictive diet. Typically, there’s a balance between weight loss and gaining muscle, which is why people will go through a bulking and a cutting stage. Typically, when cutting fat, one is bound to lose some muscle as well if they’re at a caloric deficit, and in order to grow muscles one would typically need to be eating at a caloric surplus.

Bone health.

GH plays a huge role in the formation and preservation of healthy bones. Individuals treated with GH are expected to have an increase in bone mineral density. Part of the process will also show a partial increase of IGF-1.

Given the primary function of GH in terms of bone health, it makes sense that studies being done would concentrate on how the drug has a significant influence on bone health. It’s been proven that MK-677 is capable of bone remodeling and fostering an increase in bone mineral density in older adults, which also echoes the sentiment of the potential benefits in the field of anti-aging medicine.

Of all the health advantages that MK-677 is believed to provide, its ability to improve bone health is perhaps the area where it excels most. This could lead to some encouraging discoveries down the road when it comes to osteoporosis or other bone-related issues or conditions. If you’re suffering from any ailments, diseases, or other conditions, you need to consult with your Doctor. You shouldn’t self-diagnose or self-prescribe yourself any types of medicine for a serious condition without first speaking to your Doctor or healthcare provider.

A Unique Supplement

When it comes to think that can help with any kind of improved performance in the athletic world, people instantly start tossing around the word steroids and creating all sorts of associations. This may have something to do with the misconception of the drug being related to steroids. In truth, MK-677 is nothing like steroids and it functions entirely different from such drugs.

MK-677 happens to be one of the most intriguing chemicals to have risen from the SARMs trend. While it never has the ability to directly burn off unnecessary fat or trigger muscles, it does increase IGF-1 levels.