MK 677 Review – Here’s What People are Saying & Results!

Sometime in 2016, I have started seeing some reports that mostly lean to the positive side of a nootropic that is known by many names – Ibatrumen, Nutrobal or its most common name, MK-677.

A good number of online communities for bodybuilders that I am a member of have been posting some claims that this nootropic has helped in building lean muscle mass at a faster rate even if it isn’t a growth hormone.

Intrigued by all the accounts I’ve read, I decided to delve deeper and do further research about MK-677 only to find out that there’s still limited clinical studies conducted about its effects but plenty of anecdotal accounts mostly firsthand experiences about its effectiveness being a muscle building nootropic.

In this article, I will be enumerating the things that I found out about MK-677 including its level of effectiveness, the expected results, and even the possible side effects. So read on to learn more about this wonderful muscle-building substance.

What Exactly is MK-677?

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In technical terms, MK-677 is a type of SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) and that’s the first thing you’ll see if you do type its name in Google.

What it Does is it increases the level of the hormones that are essential for growing some muscles also known as GH or Growth Hormone. It does so without increasing the level of cortisol.

This is a great thing because cortisol can have some negative effects on memory, learning, and even the immune system. Before getting further into the article, here’s a bit of disclaimer that I want every reader to be mindful about.

I am not a medical practitioner or doctor. I am just an enthusiast who is into nootropics for bodybuilding. Please don’t consider my advice as an “expert advice” and be sure to do your own research about the substance MK-677.

So let’s go ahead into the further details.

You might have heard of a number of benefits that MK-677 is capable of giving that is why you’re reading this article. I did too and the benefits are not only limited to muscle building.

People who use MK-677 say that the substance has helped them to:

  • Lessen the levels of muscle wasting
  • Build more muscles as MK-677 is a substance that produces anabolic effects
  • Increase the density of the bones as this study suggests
  • Improve the quality of sleep as what this study has found out. The findings suggest that MK-677 has the ability to improve the quality of sleep.

The first thing that came into my mind after reading these studies is that MK-677 is a supplement that helps improve metabolism, promote better bone strength and boost overall health. It even has the potential to improve the immune system but the doubt was still there. This can either be a find of a lifetime or just another serious snake oil.

My being a skeptic has been aroused even more when I learned that SARMs like MK-677 is not the same as steroids like Ostarine or S4.

But after just a few months of doing intensive research of what I can find on the Internet and some self-experimentation of course. I then found out that it is relatively a safe and effective substance to use when the correct dose is observed.

The main difference between MK-677 (Nutrobal/Ibutamoren) and steroids is that the former is capable of mimicking growth hormones but it isn’t a growth hormone by itself.

Steroids like Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is actually a hormone that people love injecting themselves with. Which leads us to another benefit that MK-677 has over steroids. Yes! You can take Nutrobal orally instead of having it injected on yourself!

People use MK-677 for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To aid in losing weight
  • To tighten any loose skin
  • To facilitate in faster healing of bones and ligaments

The substance is best for bodybuilders who are in bulk cycle. For competing athletes, it is important to note that MK-677 is banned from every sporting competition around the world. It is considered as a prohibited anabolic agent.

However, for bodybuilding enthusiasts who want to improve energy levels and achieve longer and better workout periods in order to get some lean muscle mass, MK-677 is definitely worth considering!

MK-677’s Mechanism of Action

There are only a few studies that are focused on research and testing Nutrobal. Here are some of the information that we were able to gather about this substance so far.

The most popular effect of this compound is its anabolic properties which aid in muscle building. It promotes the production and secretion of Growth Hormones (GH). This then leads to an increase in growth factor 1 that is insulin-like (IGF-1) (R, R). Its primary purpose is binding ghrelin receptor (GHSR) with ghrelin that is found in the brain and is necessary for stimulating the release of these growth hormones.

The mechanism in how MK-677 works are further explained below:

  • It encourages the release of GHRH or Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone.
  • By facilitating the release of GHRH in an exponential rate, it is able to amplify the signal in the body’s somatotrophs that are situated in the pituitary gland’s anterior portion.
  • The nootropic is also capable of reducing the release of somatostatin which is responsible for slowing down or stopping the release of growth hormone.
  • Ibutamoren also works by stopping or preventing the production of signals that activate the somatostatin receptor.

SARM MK-677: The Benefits and Results

As I’ve already mentioned above, there are very few tests that have been performed regarding Nutrobal’s efficacy and the effects that it has on the human body. However, there’s a couple of studies that are both worth noting.

  • One of the studies suggested that the substance has great potential for healing conditions related to muscle wasting as well as a sustained increase in IGF-1 growth hormone. The results were achieved by giving a single oral dose of 25mg to a healthy young male in a period of 7 days.
  • In another test, it has been found out that MK-677 is effective in combating obesity. Results have typically shown an increase in lean muscle mass while producing very minimal side effects. There are many people who are not aware that fat tissues found deep in the abdomen and are wrapping the internal organs also help in one way or another. Taking substance that burns these healthy fats together with excess fats can sometimes cause problems.
  • Numerous other drugs that are geared towards burning fat actually cause an excess accumulation of visceral adipose tissue or VAT. It increases the risk of diabetes, heart attack, and even stroke.
  • Patients who are in advanced age and are suffering from fractured hips have also tried using MK-677 and they experienced increased strength in their muscles which reduced the number of falls that they suffer.

The notable increase in the body’s lean muscles is caused by the increase in the allocation of calorie into the muscles which also leads to a decrease in appetite. It is the opposite of reducing storage of direct body fat.

Side Effects

Now, it’s time to talk about the side effects. I always thought that MK-677 has some serious reactions to the body when compared to other substances like Qualia for instance. Most of the time, substances that affect the growth hormone are known to have nasty side effects but luckily, I was wrong!

The truth is that MK-677’s most common side effect is just a slight numbing of the hands and an increased appetite. It’s not that much to worry about. Experiencing numb hands is normal when you slept on your arms wrong or when you go to an inhalation.

There has been a test trial which revealed a lot of things about this nootropic. A study has even been canceled because of the adverse effects that were observed. But the experiment was performed on elderly patients who had a history of extensive medical conditions. One of them even had a fractured hip and using ibutamoren actually caused his blood pressure to rise together with glucose and HbA1c levels. In the same study, the other subjects had congestive heart failure but the patients who had undergone the tests were already in their 80s and they had heart conditions prior to the test.

This seems to suggest that MK-677 has the potential to interact with certain conditions and diseases but we are not sure what they exactly are so careful about taking it especially if you already have some preexisting health conditions.

Conclusive evidence has so far suggested that people who have diabetes or cancer should avoid taking MK-677 because both the growth hormones and IGF-1 can speed up the spread of cancer cells. Even those who don’t have diabetes should regularly check their blood sugar levels while taking ibutamoren.

The biggest benefit of MK-677 is that it produces very minimal side effects and if there’s any, it’s sure to be very little to be noticed. If you don’t know what causes them, you probably are taking it at higher doses. Just lower the dose and you will no longer experience the side effects.

Verdict: Is It Worth Trying?

MK-677 is perfect for people who want to see an increase in their lean muscle mass without taking any anabolic steroid. It’s reasonably priced and it can be used by workout and bodybuilding enthusiasts who don’t want to experience any hormonal imbalance.

MK-677 also causes very minimal side effects when used by healthy patients and it can be taken for a long term without any serious problems. If you’re looking for an alternative that is safer than steroids then this one is definitely worth considering!