RAD 140 Dosage & What to Expect

Having that perfect, sculpted body is a task that takes a lot of time and effort. There aren’t any ways to skip the effort and the time, but there are a number of techniques and tricks to help move things a lot a little faster.

Many hardcore fitness buffs and bodybuilders have forced themselves to make use of steroids like testosterone to give them that edge. And it’s  true: testosterone actually works. It’s capable of building muscles quickly and speeds up the recovery process.

The sad part with testosterone is that it comes with a plethora of adverse effects, and requires frequent injections. It’s also expensive, ask any high-level professional bodybuilder competing. It’s also been around for ages. Back then, there was never an alternative to achieving similar effects of testosterone without any adverse effects, and without the huge price tag.

However, new scientific breakthroughs have it possible and companies have developed new compounds called SARMs. One of these is called RAD 140, so let’s dig in a little bit deeper and see what it’s all about.

Common Dosage for RAD 140

If one is thinking of using RAD 140, it’s important to know what the ideal dose is.

Users recommend taking a dose of 10mg to 30mg per day.

It’s important to opt for a smaller dose on the first week.

This allows one to observe how the body reacts on initial intake.

When it comes to quantity, taking higher-than-normal doses won’t necessarily mean it will over-deliver in the positive results. It’s not a good idea to go overboard, and it’s always a good idea to start smaller and to listen to your body.

One may need to start a beginner’s dose of 10mg per day on the first week. If things turn out well, dosage can be increased gradually. Since the chemical is mild on the human body, some people will run cycles for a month or two.

Here’s an example of the type of cycle that some people will run: 

  • 1st week: 10mg daily.
  • 2nd to 4th week: 20mg daily.
  • 5th to 16th week: 30mg daily.

The schedule of dosage for this SARM will only function correctly if one gradually increases the dosage until the recommended maximum. If one happens to stumble upon excellent results earlier during the cycle, it’s advised to preserve the same dosage instead of ramping it up further.


Expected Muscle Growth

There are a lot of good things surrounding SARMs that have come to light in the past decade or so that makes them a popular candidate when it comes to people looking for some extra help in the world of fitness. RAD 140 is regarded as one of the SARMs that can really have a profound impact.

It’s non-steroidal and functions similarly to steroids without all of the side effects that popular steroids come with. For decades, people have run more traditional steroid cycles, fully aware of the common negative side-effects and the risks. When some people want to push their bodybuilding as far as possible, they’ll do whatever it takes. Having a lower-risk, more modern option is a good thing, one way or  the other.

In addition, it’s designed in such a manner that it causes certain receptors to trigger muscle growth just like that of testosterone. At the end of the day, RAD 140 is a safer alternative to steroids that has been known to help people achieve those ridiculous gym results that they work so hard to achieve.

Similar to YK-11 (another relatively popular SARM compound), RAD 140 can safely be utilized for cutting and bulking cycles alike.  The compound can also be used for recomping. The ideal goal for recomping is to shed off unnecessary fat while building and preserving muscle.

If one is in need of some assistance in building muscle mass, this compound could be an option to consider. Users who have been taking the compound have seen a noticeable increase in their muscle mass compared to those not taking it. To achieve further muscle growth, some users recommend stacking it with LGD 4033. There are a number of SARMs out there, some are more complementary than others, and some have overlapping effects. It’s crucial to do your own research, absorb as much information as you can, and make informed decisions about what you’re willing to do in order to reach your goals.

Expected Fat Loss

One of many positive effects with this SARM is its ability to help with weight management. The way that it helps is similar to that of testosterone, but once again, without the same stigma or the same potential downsides that taking testosterone is known for. One may stack it with other SARMs for an enhanced effect or it can be utilized as a standalone product.

Expected Enhanced Endurance

This SARM has been said to be an excellent addition to the stack for those who are looking to work on their cardiovascular endurance. One of the favorable things people mention about this compound is its ability to improve cardiovascular performance and improving the body’s oxygen levels. One can run extensively, train harder, and recover more quickly.

All of those traits are beneficial, especially for athletes who need to practice their sport and train more often. Having an extra 20 or even 30 minutes to practice allows for more skill development, and quicker recovery means more training time. It’s important to note that one still needs to put in the work, there’s no shortcut or way around there, but there are ways to enhance and optimize the process.

Setting the Trend

This may be the biggest trendsetting compound to have emerged out of the SARMs family. It contains all that hallmarks that make them so desirable and interesting in the first place. Aside from building muscle, it also increases strength. For people who are looking to get ripped, beyond what’s possible through just natural means, this could be a worthy replacement for traditional anabolics.