Andarine (S4)

Andarine or S4 is one of the SARMs that helps you keep your muscles while on a cut. Initially, this substance had very few takers because it made the muscles hard, dry and vascular right from the first week onwards. It produced the same undesirable effects as Winstrol but was milder to some extent.

But it also had a good side! It is able to create a perfect environment for some anabolic changes which allows other compounds to do their job. S4 has been used by people who want to add it to their bulking, cutting and body recomposition stacks and programs.

However, when the vision side effects started to kick in, its popularity of being a stack compound started to wane. The reports said that the side effect mainly caused people to see incorrect colors with a tinge of yellowish stuff on things. It was like causing a person to see the world in sepia.

S4 has further decreased in popularity when reports about peripheral blindness started to spread. There even came a time that sales dipped to zero. No one would ever want to be blind after all.

But thankfully, some SARMs users who were into these substances for a long time has stepped in. They had some detailed logs in their use of s4 during cycles. It turned out that the side effects which affected vision were on individual-specific instances and these effects were only experienced at higher doses.

If you are one of those who is skeptical about adding Andarine to your bulking or cutting stack because of the side effects that it reportedly had on vision, here’s our take on this amazing first generation SARM.

The History

Andarine was created as part of a research program on SARMs by GTX labs. It is originally intended as a treatment of a condition known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.

S4 was very effective in stopping dihydrotestosterone from binding itself to androgen receptors which is why it was considered as a side-effect free alternative to Finasteride, a substance used for treating BPH.

And it still has the potential to replace Finasteride someday. But the concerns about its vision-related side effects still persisted which has caused the second phase of testing and research to be put in the backburner.

Its effects of being a selective agonist of the androgen receptor are remarkable and its effectiveness in increasing lean muscle mass, while aiding in fat burning and boosting energy even outside of any exercise routine makes it worth noticing.

All of these effects are sought-after by bodybuilders, gym rats, and even by athletes! That’s why S4 eventually arrived in underground laboratories.

Dosage and Half-Life

With its very short half-life of just 3 hours, Andarine has to be taken multiple times each day so that you can have a consistent amount of it in your body.

Its recommended dose is 50mg per day divided into two or three doses. It is recommended that you take it once in the morning and another one together with your meal before workout.

But there are reports from users that even just 25mg per day is still able to produce great results! The good thing about starting with a lower dosage is that you are less exposed to getting the side effects in your vision. And why would you take a higher dose when you can already achieve your goals at a lower dose?

Andarine and Its Effects

Andarine or S4 is one of the most versatile SARMs available in the market at present. And that is irrespective of the athletic and bodybuilding goals that you might have. S4 will fit right into every one of your plans without affecting the effects that are brought by other compounds.

Hardening the Muscles:

The muscles will become more vascular and harder which makes s4 an excellent SARM for finishing. It can be added to any stack in the last six up to eight weeks before you finally enter a contest and you’ll surely finish with a physique that’s ripped and truly aesthetic! You’ll also experience some crazy pumps that can last the whole day and not just when you’re lifting some weights.

Muscle Gain:

There are varied reports among users about S4’s muscle building abilities. However, there are two clinical studies which have produced results showing that s4 can help users gain some muscle mass even when it is taken at low doses. The negative reports might just be caused by comparisons that are mostly unfair between s4 and other mass building substances and supplements that are more powerful such as Ligandrol. S4 is very helpful in gaining some muscles when you are in the bulking cycle and will also work best in retaining those gained muscles when you’re already in the cutting stage.

Fat Loss:

How S4 does the process of helping the body in burning fat is still unknown. But experts believe that it suppresses HSL or Hormone Sensitive Lipase which is responsible for regulating the metabolism of the body’s stored fats. This then tells the body to make use of those stored fats for energy and adding to this, its vascular and muscle hardening properties help the body look more shredded like you’ve never achieved before!

Gain in Strength:

Andarine is not the default choice when people look for a SARM that increases strength. But strength gain is one of the things that it is capable of enhancing. The results become more noticeable in the second week of using the substance. There are users who even report that by the fifth week of a single cycle, they were able to break almost all of their previous best lift record.

Andarine’s Side Effects

So let’s go to the next part which isn’t that pleasant to the ears but still needs to be discussed. Safe to us means any substance, drug or compound that does not cause permanent and irreparable damage when taken at standard dosage. As long as the side effects are manageable, it doesn’t matter to us whether there are hoots about it here and there. So if you ask us if S4 is safe, our answer would be a big ‘YES’.

But stretching the dosage higher and beyond what is recommended would produce some serious side effects and it is the same case with any other drug. Having said these things, you may experience very mild side effects when you take S4 at low recommended dosage and below is the most dreaded and discussed around SARM user communities, groups, and forums online.

Effects in Vision

S4 tends to have some effects in vision but this has been confirmed to just be temporary. The effects just fade off as you start using less and less of it until you stop. The most common change is the yellowish tinge that the user sees.

For instance, staring on a white wall, you will see it as yellowish instead. There are reports of difficulty differentiating black from blue colors. Blue may appear to be black and the other way around. A reduction in peripheral vision especially during the night has also been observed by some. Difficulty adjusting when moving from a dark room to a well-lit one may also occur.

The important thing to note is that all these effects will just go away as soon as your cycle of using S4 ends. And these side effects are going to occur only when you exceed 50mg per day dosage. It may also differ from one person to another.

Aside from this one, there is no longer any other notable side effects. It’s not going to hurt or shut you down. However, there might be a bit of suppression which should easily be restored once you stop using the drug.

So should you use S4? Our short answer is “YES!” If you want to start with SARMs then S4 is going to be worth considering. It is a proven one but just be sure where you’re getting it from and always observe proper dosage.