S4 Dosage & What to Expect

S4, known as Andarine, is a compound that belongs to the SARM family. It was created and manufactured by GTX, Inc, a pharmaceutical company. Its original intention was to treat those suffering from muscle wasting, osteoporosis, bloated prostate, and other specific disorders. As it turns out, people found that it was effective for a number of other things in addition to that, so it started gaining popularity in the weight rooms.

Wikipedia describes SARMs like S4 as follows:

“They are intended to have the same kind of effects as androgenic drugs like anabolic steroids but be much more selective in their action,allowing them to be used for more uses than the relatively limited legitimate uses of anabolic steroids.”

Nowadays, this compound is widely popular in the bodybuilding world. This is due to the compound being capable of delivering steroid-like results, without all of the baggage that comes along with typical steroids.

A Relatively Lower-Stakes SARM

When it comes down to offering full-on steroid-like benefits,  S4 is considered to be among the weaker, if not the weakest, compound in the SARM family.

Compared to its SARM siblings in the same family, this one is noted as having among the lowest side-effects. So, it’s less strong overall, and has less potential for side-effects, which makes it a lower-stakes choice. None the less, it’s important to do a lot of research, to understand your body, and to think carefully about anything you put into your body.

Despite being weaker compared to some of the other popular SARMs out there, that doesn’t mean that the effects will be weak overall. While anabolic steroids like Anavar can offer immense strength gains, S4 is capable of assisting in similar ways, but without as many of the negatives, and at a considerably lower price. That doesn’t mean you should run out and start a cycle immediately, but if you’ve taken, or are considering taking, more dangerous forms of steroids, it’s not a bad idea to consider alternatives.

Why Do People Use S4?

It is widely used for bodybuilding and athletic training.

Typically, it’s combined with other SARMs to help quickly speed up gains in strength and size, and to increase fat burning.

This compound is popular for the “cosmetic” effects it gives to bodybuilders, in particular those who are competing in events based on their physiques. For instance, results would lead to slight “drying” of the body, which makes one’s muscle appear more “stiff” or rock hard. It also improves vascularity and even has the ability to help heal joints, which is a crucial part of recovery when you consider how much of a toll that weight lifting can take on the joints in general.

Common Dosage of S4

The compound can seamlessly be utilized in conjunction other SARMs. Its dosage can range anywhere from 50mg to 150mg daily. Those looking to bulk may opt for around around 50mg or higher. Individuals looking to cut will typically stick to 50mg. Since the S4 is known for having a shorter half-life than certain other compounds, it’s optimal to split the dose into two to three times per day so increase efficacy without having to increase the dosage. For instance, instead of taking 50mg all at once, some people opt to divide it throughout the day.

This compound is generally taken around one hour or so prior to workout, or any other strenuous physical activity.

It has the potential to cause temporary negative effects to one’s eyesight, for example slightly blurred vision, if taken too frequently at too high of a volume. In order to avoid this, many choose a cycle that incorporates multiple days off in any given week, 5 on and 2 off is not an uncommon option.

Expected Benefits

There are many potential benefits that encourage people to try S4.

It’s capable of helping to burn an increased amount of fat from the body while also enhancing one’s skeletal muscle power and promoting the growth of lean muscle in the body.

This loss of weight doesn’t lead to catabolism, compared to some other weight loss supplements that are available in the market, which makes it a desirable option for certain people in certain circumstances. Again, we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to do your own research, and to pay very close attention to your body throughout the process.

In addition, the compound can help promote lean muscle mass to appear by getting the muscle mass to “dry out.” It’s one reason why this stuff is a widely used prior to bodybuilding competitions, because it can increase the physical appearance by diminishing the amount of water the body is retaining, allowing the muscles and their graininess to appear much more prominently.

S4 also has the added bonus of not causing gynecomastia, which is a common side-effect from the androgenic effects caused by designer steroids, and is not a great look to be carrying around if one can avoid it.

Since the drug is a known SARM for building muscle, it aids in treating muscle wasting as well as prostate hypertrophy.

Side Effects

One positive aspect that the S4 has compared to other non-SARMs is that it doesn’t produce a lot of side effects compared to typical steroids.

One known side effect that it gives some people a very slight yellow tinge on their eyes. This isn’t ideal if you’ve got a big date, or a TV interview, and the like. It’s important to take note that this side effect is only temporary, and can quickly go away within a couple or so days.

With many SARMs, the side-effects show up when someone is not pacing their cycles properly, or just over-doing it in general. It’s important to never exceed what’s recommended, and to understand that there are potential risks associated with nearly any substance one can take to improve performance, and that the main appeal of SARMs is that they’re less expensive, and have considerably less side-effects compared to traditional anabolics and other forms of steroids.

Another minor side effect observed in very few individuals is a slight dip in HTPA suppression.

Building Muscle Mass

A main reason for S4’s popularity is that it’s capable of building lean muscle mass when taken at reasonably high doses. It provides desired results during recomp or cutting phases alike. The compound does a better job in producing those grainy, dry physiques that can look absolutely nuts on stage. It’s undoubtedly a favorite supplement in many bodybuilder’s medicine cabinets.