SARMS1: Purity, Prices, and Review

If you ever tried doing research on how to boost muscle production and enhance your performance during workouts then you surely have heard about Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or SARMs. The acronym may sound weird but they work effectively in helping users gain muscles without suffering the side effects that are common when using steroids.

SARMs are proven compounds and they have been in use by bodybuilders and athletes for a long time now. There’s a number of options that are available and each one has a unique set of benefits. In this article, we’re going to look into SARMS1 being one of the SARMs suppliers on the Internet.


Overall Rating: 6.5/10

Reputation: 8
Product Selection: 6
Purity: 10
Price: 2


Lots of good and excellent reviews and offers pure products


Extremely expensive and not so many selections of products to choose from.

Why Use SARMs

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or SARMs are a safer alternative to anabolic steroids. The bodybuilding rage back int he 1980s has made people realize the bad effects of abusing the use of anabolic steroids. There were those who produced an excess amount of animal growth hormones which is most dangerous and even disastrous at times!

Because SARMs work by targeting the right receptors in the right area of the body, they’re more useful to humans. Through the years, different types of SARMs have produced significant effects on muscle development, growth, and it even reduces the time it takes to attain full recovery.

The side effects which anabolic steroids tend to produce like breakouts of acne, violent bursts of anger and a decrease in sperm count are not present in SARMs.

We’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about just recently and heard of how outstanding their products are. So we did the research and found that this retailer also offers discounts and coupons. We then picked these discounts and purchased a few of their SARMs so I can write a more reliable review of this business.

The Products

This company sell SARMs and choose to just stick to their guns. They don’t offer much of them like Proven Peptides does but is a good choice if you’re starting off with this compound.

If you’re looking for SARMs to be used for your workout program then SARMS1 is going to be a good online shop to buy from. It’s a legit company which has been on the business for more than 7 years now. It also has a good reputation in online health, fitness and workout forums and even in local gyms. Their products are made into powder form so users can easily add them to water, food or any other forms of administration. So let’s look into the top products that they offer.


Anabolicum is one of the latest SARM products available in the market and is very popular among athletes. It works like Ostabolic and is a SARM that has been developed originally for patients that are weak due to certain forms of diseases. But Anabolicum leans toward the stronger side. If you want to achieve god-like strength and show some results that are jaw-dropping then this SARM is going to be a perfect choice!


Also known as Ostabolic-Osta, this SARM was originally created to help people who have suffered the effects of diseases that cause the muscle and bone tissues to wither away. It has been proven and tested to boost the growth of muscles and increase the activity in both bones and muscles. Yes! It is also great for bodybuilders. It is going to enhance the growth of the muscles and make the bones grow stronger so injuries become easier to withstand even with the added muscular weight that has been gained.


Cardarine is one of the wonder SARMs which has the habit of binding to the PPAR receptors and boosts the performance of the gene which helps in expressing energy into useful forms. This means that you’re going to have more energy to accomplish things on a daily basis including those that you do in the gym. If you spend more time working out in the gym, it’s going to bring a lot of good gains for you. With Cardarine, you’ll be able to get more endurance without being too exhausted which will eventually translate in better and more explosive muscle growth.

Customer Support

Customer support matters a lot to me. It is one of the features that I look for first before ordering from a particular shop. And it is even more important if you’re purchasing some chemicals that are meant to make the muscle growth go faster. I’m confident to say that SARMS1 has a great customer support service but aside from this aspect, here’s a lot more than you need to know about the company.

Return Policy

Sadly, this is one of the weak points of SARMS1. They don’t have a return policy as of writing this review. Their website claims that SARMs are research chemicals and the risk that may result to thereof lies on the hands of the buyers. So be sure to do your own research before purchasing something from any SARMs dealer like SARMS1.

In my experience with my purchase from this shop, I didn’t have any problems that may lead to a return request. Just be sure to check the package before confirming and receiving it. If you’re looking for a company that offers a good return policy then you need to check out our #1 SARMs shop Proven Peptides.

Confidential and Safe Delivery

Another good thing that we love about this online SARMs retailer is that their supplements are packed in a secure box with soft paddings to make sure that the compounds ordered are not damaged or excessively agitated. This means that your order is going to be fresh when they arrive at your doorstep.

They also have a very confidential delivery which we are so happy about. SARMs are a hot substance at present so keeping your shipments a secret would definitely help. The company packs and ships their products in plain, unassuming packaging.

SARMS1 Product Reviews

If you’re a meticulous buyer who wants to find products that have good reviews and you’re fond of reading them before purchasing from a particular shop then you are in luck with SARMS1. Most of the products that they sell have good reviews and they even have videos that teach prospect customers how the compounds work. This means that you’re going to make an educated purchase every time.

Our Final Say

If you’re looking to save on particular SARMs by way of discount codes then SARMS1 is going to be a perfect shop to order from. Their products are a little pricey though especially on your first order but if you can grab one of the coupon codes then you’re good to go! They lack a return policy though which is a big thing for most online shoppers.