SARMS4YOU Review: Is it Legit Or Not? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Sarms4you Review

I want this to be clear at the start of this review, the SARMs arena is ever changing and you need to check out other suppliers like SARMS4YOU before it’s too late.

Ever since the act to control SARMs was released back in 2018, vendors all around the United States have been shutting down. just closed and before that, Choice Compounds also shut down.

Vendors have been experiencing problems in processing payments done through credit cards and others have even resorted to accepting payments via Western Union and bank transfers.

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Overall Rating: 9/10

Reputation: 9.5
Product Selection: 7
Purity: 9.5
Price: 8


Shipping is very fast in Europe, they accept credit cards, and their products are pure.


Company is based in Europe so shipping outside of Europe might take more than 7 days or up to 2 weeks at times.

SARMS4YOU is one of the SARMs dealer out there that accepts credit cards while also offering many other payment options. The currency used in the store is Euro but it automatically converts to US Dollars if you’re living in the United States and want to purchase something from them.

The Product Lineup

SARMS4YOU offers a huge product lineup but they specialize in SARMs. They have stocks for ‘the big 8’ as they call it which is mostly what people look for.

They Also Sell Capsules

sarms capsules

If you’re looking for a SARM that’s unique in terms of its form then SARMS4YOU will surely be able to address your needs. Liquid SARM is the most common form of the substance but let’s admit it, measuring the correct dose is hard and the taste itself is like garbage.

Thankfully, SARMS4YOU offers them in capsule form so you will be able to take the dose that you need the easier way. You no longer need to worry about the taste that induces gags and even accidentally spilling the precious substance.

They Sell ARA at an Affordable Price

ARA is known for its muscle-enhancing effects and SARMS4YOU have it at an affordable price. Why shell off so much money for something that you can buy at a lower price.

They Have a PCT Supplement Of Their Own

Another thing that we like about this company is that they sell their very own PCT supplement. It does the job of increasing your body’s testosterone levels while you’re not on a cycle of any SARM. That’s a great thing to note along with the fact that they also sell supplements for cycle support which one has to take while on a particular SARMs cycle.

Are the Products Pure?

They claim that every SARM which they sell has undergone lab testing to ensure purity and safety. The results that they show are mostly 99% pure so it’s up to you if you will take their word for it.

Customer Support

We tried reaching out to SARMS4YOU’s founders to get an idea of how quick their response time is and we were surprised to get a response within just 5 minutes. That’s the fastest I’ve experienced so far!

Shipping Time

One of the biggest issues in online selling and shopping is about shipping time! Most people don’t want to order from overseas shops because they are afraid that shipping would take too long. We tried paying for the normal shipping rate in our test order and we were able to get the product exactly 7 days after. I have ordered SARMs from American suppliers and some took longer than that!

What About Pricing?

When compared to other online SARMs shops out there in terms of pricing, SARMS4YOU offers a reasonable price for every product that’s available in their shop. The company’s focus is on providing products that are of the highest quality without pumping up the price. They actually scored 10% in the pricing criteria compared to other online SARMs suppliers and dealers.

Is The Company Legit?

It is always the biggest question especially online SARMs shops. Are they legit or not? We have ordered every SARMs products that they sell and had them shipped to the USA and as we have already mentioned above, the products passed every single one of our standards. So it goes to say that they are a legitimate SARMs supplier.

Are Coupons and Discounts Available?

People normally ask for coupons and discounts from SARMS4YOU and yes, they occasionally offer such deals on their website. They already offer their products at such a reasonable price so if you see a discount or coupon being offered, be sure to grab it before others do!


Finally, we go to the much-awaited part, discussing the results of the SARMs that we’ve tested from this seller. We have tried the bulk stack that we usually use with only the SARMS4YOU products that we ordered and these are the results:

1st Day: The feeling of being stronger was there right after taking the first dose. The number of reps went up as well as the weights.

5th Day: Our subject already weighed 5 pounds more than his original weight when he started and the other gained 7 pounds more!

10th Day: Both subjects were already doing great at the gym. Strength has moved to the next level as well as endurance and vascularity. It is truly legit stuff!

1 Month: We reached 1 month of using the stacks and we decided to stop because we have already achieved our goals. One was able to gain 14 pounds and the other subject got 17 pounds of gain. Such a great achievement after just 30 days in the gym!

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Our Final Say

Here’s what we can say as a conclusion, there very few sources of legit SARMs in the USA at present. We were skeptical with SARMS4YOU at first especially that we’re going to order from an overseas supplier but it turned out that we were wrong all along.

They’re one of the best SARMs suppliers on the planet. Their products work and their prices are amazingly reasonable. The best thing about them is that they accept credit card payments so if you want to order using your credit card then this company will be very happy to serve you!

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