Stenabolic SR9009 vs GW 501516 (Cardarine) Comparison & Differences

Those who have been into SARMs have surely heard about Stenabolic (SR9009) and Cardarine (GW-501516). These two bring great results for people who want to gain some lean muscles without experiencing the side effects that anabolic steroids bring.

But which of these two is better and what are the ways in which they are alike or different from each other? We will be exploring those important points in this article so you can make an educated decision on the next SARM for you to try.

What Are Their Similarities?

Stenabolic and Cardarine are extremely alike as they are both PPAR regulators. Stenabolic is a synthetic Rev-Erb ligand which is designed to be taken orally. It is a unique compound that stimulates the Rev-Erb protein leading to a host of benefits as it influences a number of regulatory processes in the body.

It’s been found to affect glucose and lipid metabolism, control cells that store fat and even influence circadian rhythms. Stenabolic allows users to shed off fat while drastically increasing endurance. This effect is what athletes desire from a supplement.

In bodybuilding, SR9009 is capable of inducing muscle hypertrophy while enhancing weight loss and increasing strength and endurance at the same time. The blood sugar and cholesterol levels will also be taken to a healthy level and metabolism will improve. The effects are actually similar to that of Cardarine but with more of the extra benefits.

Stenabolic works great when used alone or when stacked with other SARMs. It’s a good addition for SARMs or steroid cycles and it’s going to bring some excellent results when stacked with its little brother Cardarine.

This supplement is going to give you the strength to do more cardio training. It will also allow you to do more of the lifting workouts so you can gain more muscles. Managing cardio and cholesterol is extremely important when taking Stenabolic along with steroids such as Trenbolone or Anavar.

Cardarine, on the other hand produces effects that are very similar to Stenabolic. Some even describe this SARM as something “Amazing”. It’s also called Stenabolic’s little brother but the word “little” isn’t descriptive of the things that it can do! It increases fat burning while also preserving the muscles gained. The compound is also capable of enhancing strength and endurance to make workouts last longer.

It melts fat more efficiently even though it’s non-catabolic. This means that Cardarine is ideal for everyone especially those who don’t want to see a drop in their weight as a result of muscle loss.

Both compounds are great performance enhancers but Stenabolic offers more effects like lowering blood pressure and neutralizing sugar in the bloodstream.

How Are They Different From Each Other?

  • First of all, the price! Stenabolic (SR9009) is more expensive than Cardarine (GW-501516) but it has a more pronounced effect than the latter
  • Stenabolic does more to influence different bodily processes but produces very minimal side effects while Cardarine is good at increasing strength and endurance while promoting weight loss without causing muscle loss.
  • Stenabolic is a good choice for both bodybuilders and athletes while Cardarine is perfect for those who are looking to loss extra body fats and build more muscles along the process.
  • Cardarine’s half-life is longer than that of Stenabolic but the latter brings more benefits to the user which includes the regulation of blood sugar and pressure.
  • You will need more dose of Stenabolic in a day compared to just twice of dosage of Cardarine in a day depending on what you want to achieve.

Are There Side Effects in Using Both?

For Stenabolic, there is still no proven side effects that have been observed in its use as long as the safe and recommended dose is observed. It does not cause liver toxicity or enlarge the prostate. There is no suppression of natural testosterone levels which is why many users love it! The same is also true for Cardarine so if you’re looking for great SARMs to start with then these two are going to be perfect!